Building Better, Faster, Happier Organizations [ENG] | Bob Gower

As you will hear, this episode is completely in english. From now on, I plan on delivering at least two episodes a month, one in english and one in spanish. I wasn’t sure about doing this but in the end, who really cares? I’m sure lots of you can benefit from both types of content. You could also decide to listen to only one language, bottomline is, I'm interviewing people whom I think are worth interviewing and I think language shouldn’t be a barrier. 

Bob Gower @ CEDIM

Bob Gower @ CEDIM

I’m happy to have Bob Gower in the show this week. A little more than a year ago, I took a masterclass he was teaching along with Mark Raheja from August about Organizational Design and thats where we met. At that time, they were both working with Undercurrent an Org Design firm. I was mindblown the whole class with the work he was doing and with his view on organizations and the future of work. Ever since that day i have been actively applying many of his teachings in my own ventures andi’ve changed my way of approaching work for good. 

My purpose with this episode is that you understand the basic principles on how companies work and evolve so you could have a new understanding on organizations and also, to understand how you and your organization/team can work better, faster and in a more innovative matter. 

In this episode we talk about what’s changing in the workplace, and what are the most basic drivers for employee motivation. We talk about new ways of organising around work and which companies are doing it correctly. We also discuss some of Bob’s personal challenges and future projects.

I really hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.